I am trying to help a couple with a 15 month old aussie. This dog grew up in an apartment and was potty training to go inside. They walk the dog but nothing else. An even bigger issue right now is it had to be kenneled for 8 weeks as they are moving out of state. Their temporary housing does not allow dogs so it has to stay in a kennel until they return. This kennel does not have any human contact other that to feed the dogs in the morning and put in run, and again in the afternoon.

So since the dog has been in this kennel it has gone from 30 to 24 pounds. Still 3 weeks to go and I don't know if the dog can take it. It paces constantly. The kennel worker doesn't believe he even sleeps at night because his bed is undisturbed. In addition he is pottying in the kennel and then pacing through it all night long. When the staff appears they have to take the dog outside and hose it off because he is covered with fecal matter.

I don't know what to do. I can't take it home for a couple reasons, I went to walk it twice today but it didn't help. They took it to the vet for anti-anxiety pills and they don't seem to help.

My time is limited and the couple is 6 hours away.
That else can I do?????
Please help me.