What do we mean when we say “It’s a Dogs Life”?

Maybe it’s because the ideal dog’s life is to have nothing more than a warm bed, to be fed regularly, and know that there is at least one human who cares and likes them. Or, is it that some dogs are left out in the cold… literally!

Knowing that you care for them, your dog is always delighted to welcome you home. A pleased face, a wagging tail, in fact his whole body movement weep out “Hi, I’m so pleased to see you!”

When it comes to the sleeping arrangements, some dog owners may allow them to sleep in the same room. This suits a dog just fine, since dogs are pack animals and sleeping in the same area keeps the pack together.

In today’s the upper classes, dogs have become completely needy on the human family. When treated properly, they will give total loyalty and so much more in return.