puppy house training gone bad~
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Thread: puppy house training gone bad~

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    Smile puppy house training gone bad~

    I bought my son an english bull dog he has always wanted one and usually the prices were never under 2000.00 but found a lady that would sell one to him due to him being in the Army for 1500.00,( in my mind a shelter dog would have been a better choice) but every dog we have ever had was a rescue so paying for this dog so I didn't feel to much guilt that is where we got our other dog "Bo" and he is the best he was in a cardboard box at wal-mart and when we seen him we had to take him they were too young to have been taking from their mothers and he was the sickest but has turned out to be the best dog a owner could wish for. And we have this little terror she is not using a puppy pad with that stuff sprayed on it, I take her out each time I do Bo thinking she will learn from him but she will come right in a use BR somewhere in the home, I take up her food and water at 6pm, during the day it is 15 min after she eats then every hour on the hour but it is not working,I know your not supposed spank them and rub their nose in it (that is what my dad did and says I should do that will break them) but what are you to do, I am so sick of cleaning up "doggie do", ,any help out there would be very much appreciated.

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    Traditionally bred for baiting and attacking bulls, the English Bulldog has gotten a bad reputation as an all-around aggressive dog. Nothing could be further from the truth! This breed of dog is actually very friendly, sociable, and intelligent. Bulldogs can be wonderful with children, adults, and other animals so long as the proper training is provided.

    English Bulldogs are fantastic with children. When first allowing your children to meet a new bulldog (or any breed, for that matter), make the introduction in steps and always have adult supervision, particularly with younger children. Your new pet should never be left alone with a child for any period of time without proper adult supervision. That said, the English Bulldog breed is notorious for being respectful of and patient with kids. They'd love to romp around in your yard or take long jogs with your children, but you must be careful to keep your bulldog adequately hydrated and monitor for signs of sunstroke, which this breed is prone to.

    The English Bulldog is a very adaptable and loyal breed and will likely become a member of your family in a matter of hours. It is very easy to bond with a bulldog and your children will begin developing a relationship with your new pet almost immediately.

    Bulldogs, due to their gentle nature, make terribly inadequate guard dogs. They are also not a very vocal breed unless they're really trying to tell you something. However, their tough-looking exterior and legendary reputation as an aggressive breed can often present the image of a guard dog to potential intruders.

    If you collect expensive shoes or vintage furniture, the English Bulldog may not be the breed for you. Bulldogs love to chew on everything and need to be provided with lots of chew toys to deter this negative behavior.

    Many people think of these bulldogs as lazy. They are happy to lie about on a comfy pillow or on the hardwood floor most of the day or curl up on the bed with their owner to read a book or watch some television. An English Bulldog is not going to be your jogging partner, but he will be your best friend if you love to relax at home with a cuddly friend by your side.

    Bulldogs, despite their intelligence, can be very difficult to train. They are a very stubborn breed and are not very active. A typical bulldog can get distracted or bored during a training session and will just want to lay down instead!

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    The best thing you need to be patient and consistency. Never scold or punish your puppy for mistakes and accidents.
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    Dog house training is something that every dog ​​must experience, and my experience is not very smooth. Therefore, I also want to learn more about the experience from here.

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