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Thread: Puppy Training

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    Puppy training is really big stuff to do. But if you do your puppy training as soon as it's possible then its good for you. Because puppy learn new trick very quickly.

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    Puppy training - yeah I hear you :-)

    We recently got a new family member and everyone loves her. BUT (there is always a but) she has a very strong character. Her name is GLORY and she is a little Entlebucher Mountain Dog. We took her to puppy training and she really did well in the beginning. Now she is 19 weeks old and she starts doing whatever she thinks it's best. Regarding to this factsheet https://fello.pet/en/dog-breeds/entl...-mountain-dog/ the dog breed loves children (which she does) but also it seems a little tricky now to get her attention for a longer period of time.

    Does anyone has similar experience!

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