I’m browsing the net yesterday and this caught my attention, simply because I find it cute!

“Anyone with two dogs will probably tell you that dogs definitely feel jealousy—and it’s true! A recent study confirmed that your pet gets a little miffed when you start petting other dogs on the side.
Subjects in the study were asked to give love and attention to objects while filming their dog’s reactions. The items were a stuffed dog, a jack-o-lantern, and a pop-up book. The participants would give attention to the plush and pumpkin, and then read from the book. Scientists recorded the reactions of the dogs and looked for jealous signs such as pushing the owner or snapping. The study found that dogs displayed many jealous tendencies and made attempts to break the owner away from the rival. They were most threatened by the stuffed dog and least threatened by the book.”
- Originally posted from Mental Floss