Hello everyone! I am about to move and I need help within 30 days before I do. My dogs bark and its not just a once and awhile thing, I have 7 little dogs probably under 3 lbs except for one is a husky lab, I Know thats alot of dogs but it works! My problem is my dogs bark too much! They bark when I enter the house after work even if my daughter is home, They bark when we leave the house, they bark when someone knocks or when my daughter goes to unlock to door for me to get in, They bark when they hear other dogs outside and they bark when they see other dogs and most of the time they bark at each other randomly though the night, Im not just talking about every other week its basically all day every day and as im sure you can tell its very annoying :/ I didnt realize how much noise they made until i moved in a house that felt like the walls were paper thin you can hear them very clearly outside! And im sure the neighbors hear it as well. I am moving and i dont want this to be a problem the houses are closer. Any tips I can get them all to stop barking before I move, I have seen that I should talk quietly and tell them to quite down then when they quite down treat them but how will they hear me when they all bark! Is this something i have to do one dog at a time? I am thinking the big dog started this because after we got her they all go to the gate blocking the kitchen and bark at her all day! Please no rude comments I just need help! Thanks darlings!