Puppy eating couch
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Thread: Puppy eating couch

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    Puppy eating couch

    Hello! I’m hoping someone can lend some advise. I have a 9 month old puppy who has taken a liking to couches in the last month. About 2 weeks ago he ate the couch in his room that he has been laying on for over a month, he ingrates the foam and we ended up having to take him to the vet; where he stayed for 2 nights. We believe he did that out of Boredom. This morning within 15 minutes of being up at 6am he decided to eat another couch in the house while I was in the bathroom getting ready. The door to the bathroom was wide open, he knew where I was, we had just gotten up, his toys which we always play with him were all over the floor in that room but he decided to eat the couch. Thankfully it didn’t last long so no ingesting of a lot of it like before. I didn’t find this until an hour later.

    I must note that the first couch has since been removed from his room and all he has is tile, dog beds, kennel, water bowel and toys. He only stays there when we are gone. The second couch was in a different room that he only has access to when we are home. He was crate trained but we transitioned him to just the room.

    He gets two walks a day, one 20 min walk in the morning before I leave and one 30 min walk at night. He has been a great puppy this far but has become very destructive in the last few weeks.

    Help!!! Aside from keeping him by our side when we are home to keep an eye on him or locking him in his kennel or room when we can’t not watch him I’m at a loss. Any ideas? He’s well loved.

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    My pup goes under the bed and hides things. Can't get him to bring what he has to me.And I can't reach it.what do I do?.

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