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Thread: pound puppy habits Help!

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    Thanks RubyRoo!! I like the ice cube idea I will try that!! I've been adding water to his food as well just to be sure he's getting enough water. To be honest, I'm starting to wonder if he just likes water. He's taken to dumping his water bowl the last couple days as well it;s rained and snowed here and he runs around catching the drops. Hopefully when we get the pound days a little farther in history he'll ease up. we bought him some new kinds of toys that are more along his interest and that seems to be helping too. I forgot how long the getting to know you phase can be with a pup.

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    For the excesive drinking, perhaps you could put some large stones into the water bowl, which would still allow him to drink, but would make him take longer doing so, and may make a difference to the amount he drinks, but still enable him to drink when he needs to. Alternatively some ice cubes in the water bowl which could be licked, and just a small amount of water in the bottom of the bowl, unless he is likely to try and eat the ice cubes whole.

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    The other thing is that if you are feedng a complete food, this could mean that your dog would need to drink a lot more than when just feeding meat.

    I used to have a golden Retriever who if we went anywhere on holdiay that had 'soft' water, he would go mad for it, and would drink it just because he enjoyed it. He always drank more than the other dogs in the house anyway, this was normal for him. Another Goldie that I had, hardly ever drank, getting most of what he needed from his food. This was normal for him. Also the food thing can affect how your dog behaves anyway, so do bear this in mind, if you are worrying about any other behaviour. Anything that has a lot of cereal or other grains in it could pottentially cause things like pacing, agression, hyperactivity etc. so if your current dog food contains these then it may be worth changing to something more natural.

    Hope that it all works out for you.

    Regards Jan

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