nipping a 1 year old child
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Thread: nipping a 1 year old child

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    Exclamation nipping a 1 year old child

    Can any one tell me how to address my 3 year old mix dog from not nipping at my 1 year old child and why is she nipping? I know she was abused when I got her but she's never done this before I had my 1 year old child she was around all kind of ages including 1 year old and she never nipped before.

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    Exclamation Anybody?

    I'm hoping somebody will answer you, because I have a similar problem. My usually well behaved 3 yr old Airedale is too rambunctious around children. We have stopped him jumping on adults but he insists on 'nosebutting' small children and since he is 56 lbs he often knocks them over.
    When he was a 6mo old puppy, he was soooo gentle with babies and children we were thrilled. But now he likes to get right in their faces and makes them scream and cry. We are expecting our first grandchild in Feb. so we HAVE to get this stopped.
    We just don't know how?
    What have you tried? Do you have an e-collar?

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