Top Dog Breeds Best for Children
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Thread: Top Dog Breeds Best for Children

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    Top Dog Breeds Best for Children

    Your children may be begging you to get them a dog or you may want your child to grow up with a canine buddy and you are searching for the perfect breed. Either way you are surely looking for a breed that is good with children. Luckily there are a variety of dog breeds to choose from that are known for their gentle, kind and playful nature around children.

    • Golden Retriever – This breed has extreme patience which is helpful when young children are around him. They have a high energy level that makes them an excellent playmate for children of all ages. You will find this breed, napping and playing with your children on a daily basis. Ultimately becoming their best friend.
    • Beagle – The adorable Beagle is best portrayed as Charlie Brown’s best friend in the famous comic strip. A Beagle can be your child’s best friend too. They have plenty of energy and will keep up with your children. They are a sturdy breed which makes them almost child-proof. Plus they have a way of doing humorous things that makes children laugh.
    • Bulldog – The loyal and friendly Bulldog is a great companion for children of all ages. They are not known to be energetic but they live in small apartments happily and are able to sustain roughhousing with children due to their kind nature and sturdy build.
    • Irish Setter – The Irish Setter enjoys playing and being around children. They are energetic and need plenty of exercise. If you have children that enjoy playing outdoors in your fenced in yard, an Irish Setter will be running around right next to them all day. Irish setters need plenty of daily exercise, so the combination of energetic children and this playful breed is a perfect match.
    • Poodle – This gentle and intelligent dog is a great choice if your children suffer from allergies. The breed sheds only a little bit, which reduces the allergic reaction risk. Poodles are loyal, friendly good natured and have patience. They are excellent playful buddies for children.
    • Collie – This breed also referred to as the “Lassie” dog and as Timmy’s best friend on the television show. Your child or children can have their very own “Lassie”. If you have older children ranging between the tween years and older teenagers this breed is a great option. They are easily trainable, friendly, loyal and love to make their owners and family happy. Older children will learn responsibility when caring for the grooming needs for this breed since they need almost daily brushing sessions due to their beautiful long coat.
    • German Shepherd – This large breed may seem like a surprise when suggested as a match for children, but they are actually a great option. The German Shepherd is often referred to as the nanny dog, since they enjoy protecting and keeping watch over children. They are playful, kind, loving and will keep a close eye on your children, protecting them from harm.

    This selection of child-friendly dogs are great options when searching for the perfect playmate for your child or children. Remember to keep in mind your lifestyle and the size of your home, apartment and yard. You will always want to provide the dog of your choice with a proper environment that will allow him or her to thrive and live a long, healthy, happy life along side your children.

    Photo credit: Don Burkett/Flickr

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    Bulldog, Beagle, Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Weimaraner, Bull Terrier, Boxer these breeds of dog best for children.

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