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Thread: How did you aquire your dog(s)?

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    I certainly think that in some cases animals have an instinct for finding the right people to help them.

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    I have 4 Aussie's one of which is blind and scared of pretty much everything now,he is now the oldest he is from a breeder(yeah i know so sue me) who works with live stock,3 are orig from the same person(there's a twist,did i mention the 3 are bother's?) My brothers dog ranger is the first from a friends uncle i dont remember the reason why he was free but yeah,2nd was from some people who had sheep but they both worked all the time so had no time for him his name is buster reason they didnt want to him is cuz he kinda ran some of their sheep to death & tended to go down to the creek by their house(oops)he stopped this after we got him weird huh,lol. And last was Rambo,(the runner as i call him,he is to friendly and sociable for his own good evidently) also free i dont really remember why though, he has pretty much no attention span though unless you have food of any kind,totally not joking. i could write more about each but that might take 3 or 4 page's xD haha

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    My husband's cousin in a breeder so that's how we got most of our dogs. We find it convenient because she already preps and have them vaccinated before she gives them to us. And we are sure that they are from good lineage. At times, we would house some of her dogs before they are brought to their new owners. So basically, we've been around lots of dog breeds with different temperaments and attitude. And we have come to love them all.

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