Hello. I am new, and was hoping to get some advice about what to do/not do when bringing home our new rescue dog. He is an 18 month old desexed male labrador. He has been living with a foster family for the last week, and prior to that came from the pound. He has been checked by a vet, and is in perfect condition. He has been living with the foster carer's two german shepherds, and has been as good as gold. We have no other dogs. Our previous labrador sadly had to be put down 6 months ago, which broke my 14 year old son's heart. It had been a gift when when my son was 5, as we were unable to have another child, and felt he needed companionship. My husband is not really keen to get another dog, but has accepted it, as he saw how much pleasure our son got from our previous dog, who was also great company for me as I am at home most of the time. Having a husband who was a bit reluctant, I thought it better not to go through all the trials (and joys) or getting a puppy, but thought by 18mths, some of those early issues would be ironed out, but the dog is still young enough to go to obedience training and bond with our son. We know almost nothing about this dog's history. Perhaps the previous owners could just not afford to keep him. Hopefully it wasn't behavioural issues. I was wondering what things I should specially make sure I do or don't do if/when we bring him home to make sure he settles well. We meet him tomorrow. Many thanks.