Hi my Staffie cross Kiya has been having trouble with her left hind leg. I know she had the start of arthritis in her right hind leg as she had to have a cruciate ligament operation around 5 years ago. She wasn't weight bearing properly on her left hind leg and also her hock joint was swollen so I took her to the vet last week. She had x-rays and they found that she has quite a lot of arthritis in her joints. The x-rays are being sent to a specialist to look at. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue with their dogs and if there is anything anyone can recommend herbally which may help. I give her Glucosamine and cod liver oil already. A friend of mine recommended these forums to me as she has a problem with one of her little dogs and someone recommended something which appears to be helping her. I look forward to hearing any comments which you may have. Thank you. Jane