My beagle just doesn't get it.....either that or I'm doing something wrong I just don't know what it is. We have a crate and I let him out first thing in the morning then feed him breakfast and let him out about 30-45 mins later. After that I let him roam around the house. It never fails though, that even after I've seen him go number 2, and reward him....he comes inside and poops in front of my sons closet door. Almost like he saves some to leave it there! I have used every cleaner and cleaning method known to man kind and still I some how find it there. The little sucker is quick I'll give him that. I even put a gate up in our hallway and when I'm not looking he's over it and at it again......what can I do?!?! Why does he insist on pooping in the house?!?! I've even started taking him for walks....letting him stay in the backyard for an hour....( can't leave him outside because he finds holes or digs out) someone help!!!