Can Cats Affect a Dog's House Training?
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Thread: Can Cats Affect a Dog's House Training?

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    Question Can Cats Affect a Dog's House Training?

    When we got Rocky, we were told that he was fully house trained. However, since we've had him, he has went to the bathroom several times in the apartment. My husband thinks its because of the cats & how they used to spray everything. I don't think so. I'm leaning more towards a combination between Jasper still learning & having accidents as well as my oldest not really wanting to take him for a walk anymore. She throws a fit if anyone other than her walks him though so I either have to deal with a screaming 14 year old or dog messes... Neither of which I want to deal with.

    I do have to be proud of my 4 & 6 year olds though, they are getting pretty good at recognizing the signs that Jasper has to potty & taking him downstairs. Of course I watch them but they are taking pretty good care of their puppy. So that is a step in the right direction. Right?

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    I don't know how old Rocky is but puppies still have accidents from time to time. About who walks who when is something you are going to have to work out. Nothing I can do there. If the pup is real young, he should be taken out every hour, two at the most until he is completely reliable. Also, you are going to have to watch because eventually Rocky will develop a signal to tell you when he needs to go out. He will have to work that out on his own. He may come bark at you. He may stand by the door and bark. He may sit or stand by the door and not make any noise. He may do something altogether different than any of those.

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    I don't think the cats are the issue. The dog may have been house trained before, but he is getting used to a new home and a new family and you are learning to respond to the signals that he needs to go out. You need a clear routine so that he gets to go out often so that accidents are avoided and he knows that he has to go outside to the bathroom.

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