My Baby Bentley is 22 weeks old, and he has been using potty training pads because even with watching for
cue's on when he had to go, he sniffs and kind of does this little circle, I would take him out let him sniff for a good half hour, take him back in, put him in his crate, wait for ten minuets and then do this for four times. But to my amazement, the little stinker when he goes in his exercise crate (he FINALY stopped trying to chew it Bitter Yuck!) , just goes right on the floor pad like he was just waiting for me to let him back in there. I am so frustrated and I Love him to DEATH.

My husband and I have tried putting the potty pads outside when he has to go, to no avail. Tried walking him to where he HAS to go, and rewarding him immensely, that only works so much. He is so smart and when he gets something down, like Sitting or Down (Which he think he can just quickly do like a bow and then he is done ha ha) he is just very smart and strong willed.

Bentley is a Min Pom Pomeranian Miniature Pincher...or a Pineranian I guess. He is VERY VERY hyper, I have to ball run him in order to train him. Please does anyone have any ideas? Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. I would really appreciate the help.

By the way, we are in a two story area with our room being upstairs, it is rather difficult to get him downstairs, in his harness and out the door, we also do not have a backyard as we are in a townhouse kind of area. Any help on that too would be great. Thank you!