Trouble with peeing in house
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Thread: Trouble with peeing in house

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    Trouble with peeing in house

    Hello Everyone! First time here. In at my wit's end with my 2.5 year old male(neutered). He keeps peeing in my home before I get home from work. If I'm not home by 2:15pm he has already peed in his belly band. He only does this when I go to work. I give them last call at 8:30-9:00pm and they go out again at 4:30 am and on my days off it may be 10 hrs before they go out again, he can hold it all this time...but can't hold it for the 8.5 he's I'm gone. Why? I've praised him each time he does well and said "bad boy" when wet. If I don't put belly band on , he will pee all over kitchen, but putting g band on gives him permission to go ahead. This is his second cycke if doing this. What am I doing wtong with him? It is he having separation anxiety? We cuddle when I get home each day, but I can't tewatd bad behavior. I also have his mom and dad. Hrlp! I'm tired of spending money on doggie diapers.

    Thank you for any help

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    That's very bad. Why not you try to train your dog about pee location.

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