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Thread: Some Advice needed

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    Some Advice needed


    I got my 11 wk old bichon frise last week, and so far, she is in a nice little routine over night, she sleeps fine in the crate, I just wake her 2 times a night to go for a wee.

    The breeder I got her from told me she already knew to go to the toilet on puppy pads, which she does if you take her, although it seems that she now thinks her crate is her toilet. I move the crate to be in the same area as me, and I have caught her 4 times in the past 2 days going in to the crate to have wee/poo. can anyone give me some advice? I take her out hourly to make sure she wees in the correct place.

    I am trying to get her into a routine, although it is difficult as she hasn't had all of her vaccines yet so cannot go for walks

    Does anyone have any advice about how to stop soiling in the crate?

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    AS you have told that she is of 11wk old so there is no need to getting disturb as in this time period they do so but if you want more improvements then you can get her trained. Mine sister who lives in New York was also complaining the same problem about her puppy and then she got it trained from Boom Towne in Rochester and told that she found the results more good then she aspected. So you can too try this.

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    Hi Charlotte,
    At any point have there been puppy pads in her crate or is there any possibility that her crate could smell like a place to go potty?

    How large is the crate? Although she is still growing, the crate should only be large enough for her to turn around and lay down. Any larger and she may be able to soil in one corner and still avoid that spot. If you have a larger crate, you can block part of it off with boxes until she grows into it.

    Most dogs do not like to soil where they eat. You could try feeding her all her meals in her crate - this may reduce her inclination to use the crate as a potty place.

    I have a client who has had a lot of success with teaching her puppy to ring a bell to ask to go outside - you could certainly start working on that, as it would redirect her potty-time attention to a specific location other than the crate. I believe Dr. Sophia Yin has a nice write-up of teaching this behavior.

    At any rate, she's still quite young and just getting the hang of it, so stick with it and don't worry - you'll get there!


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