Streed dog Pitbull roaming my house
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Thread: Streed dog Pitbull roaming my house

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    Streed dog Pitbull roaming my house

    Hi, this is my first time in a Dog training forum. I'm fromMexico and I'm reaching you for advice, about a street dog roaming my house. *for more than two weeks a Pitbull has been walking around the house. The first time I saw the dog I felt scared because I had heard alot of stories about bad Pitbulls.* But this dog looks friendly.* I have triedto feed him with Dog chow.*
    after I feed the dog he looks friendly, relaxes ears, jumping up, moving tail side to side.
    *should I keep feeding the dog? What is your advice?**BTW, The dog has scars on the face

    Thank you in advance

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    Hey Garitocan welcome here. What's going new in Maxico.

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