There are three different Dachshund breed types that are mainly recognized by their coats. They are the Shorthaired, the Longhaired and the Wirehaired Dachshunds. Their height varies according to build. The average height can be taken as 8 – 12 inches (Males & Females). Their average weight can range from 8 – 11 pounds (Males & Females).

Well known for its sleek and long body with short legs, the Dachshund’s coat can come in a wide range of colors. Naturally curious, these puppies are slightly difficult to train. However, their affectionate nature with good training can make the Dachshund a clever and delightful pet. The puppy will grow to show traits of pride and loyalty and are best with older children who can assert leadership over them.

With a natural tendency to dig, these dogs require daily walks and good exercise to maintain excellent temperaments. Can live well in small homes socialize with other dogs.

Special Notes:

Due to its body length, the Dachshund can be vulnerable to back injuries and must be discouraged from activities like jumping as it can add strain to its spine. Born with a small stature, one must also be careful to avoid stepping on them. As unlikely as it may seem in puppyhood, the Dachshund can become lethargic and overweight, which can be avoided by daily exercise and proper food intake.

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