Hello all,

I'm a a Brit but have been living in San Francisco for 12 years now. My wife and I have been dreaming and scheming about getting a Border Collie since we first moved into our lovely flat in SF over 10 years ago. Problem was our landlord, let's call him Al, was not having it. Until that is the day before yesterday. Now unless you think I'm overly hasty, please bear in mind that we had been planning this latest attack on Al for two weeks. Anyway, two days ago we swung it and brought Al around to our way of thinking.

On the off chance that we would be able to persuade Al, I had been scouring the Internet for the right dog and had found him about two hours away from SF. He had been living for his whole nine week life on a farm in the hills not to far from the Napa valley and yesterday, with a pocket full of cash, I drove out there to have a look at him. Perfect, he's from working sheep dog parents and would definitely not meet AKC standards and is big for his age with huge paws.

The only problems were that we weren't ready for him and I'll br away till Thursday. We're picking him up on Friday and we can't wait. We're calling him Bruthcur. I'll tell you why if you ask.

Hello again.