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    Me and mine

    My name is Cassandra

    I'll be 29 this year

    We are in the province of Alberta in Canada

    My family is me, my fiance and our 2 year old son

    II have a male cat burman that meows constantly (if anyone knows how to stop that let me know) a lop rabbit and 1-2 foster dogs depending on the situation and they can change every 10 days

    Currently I am lucky enough to get to stay home with my son although my back ground is in admin and security monitoring.

    I organize and recruit volunteers for an animal rescue group here in Alberta as well as work on training my foster dogs getting them as rehabilitated and trained to find there forever home.

    My user name is just a mix of my name

    Samson.jpgMerry Xmas fr Oden.jpgSophie.jpg

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    So nice to meet you Cassandra, thanks for sharing!

    Hello from a fellow Albertan - I grew up in Calgary Yeehaw!!!

    - Nate

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    It is so nice to have you join us, honestly. I have fostered a couple of times, but I found it too hard giving them up! My Roddy was a foster dog, he was with us 6 months as he needed alot of work, but when it came down to it, we just couldn't let him go......I wish I could be stronger because I know rescues are crying out for foster homes. I do homechecks now instead. The dogs in your pics are just so beautiful, have they been rehomed now?

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