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    Wink hi everyone

    I am new here I have 3 dogs, all rescue dogs. 1 Bischon that was living outside and was only used for massive breeding. No love doesnt know how to play and has a lot of fears, her name is luci . I got her spayed and sleeps on the bed with me and my other dog. 2yrs old.

    My other one 2 yrs is a male 10 lbs some kind of terrier was born in a trash can with brother an sister, mom.

    The other one is a older terrier blind, cant hear.Tinker is the 2nd one an shakesphere is the blind one. Tinker leads shakesphere around and helps him as a guide dog. Its so cute to watch. I will try to send pictures of them.

    I also have pet birds. lol

    I guess thats enough for now
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    Hey joshuasasha you done very well job for rescuing 3 dogs, you are very kind heart man

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