Are we doing this right? Would like some advice...
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Thread: Are we doing this right? Would like some advice...

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    Crate Training and Potty Training-Opinions Please

    My husband and I have an 8 week old cocker spaniel. We have had her for a week at this point. We are working on crate training her and house breaking her. We are having a slight difference of opinion about her time in the crate. Here is what we are currently doing.

    She eats 3 times a day and we take her out to potty about every 2-3 hours. After she potties we play with her either inside or outside for about 30 min to an hour. Then she goes back in her crate. She whines sometimes for about 2-3 minutes and at other times there is no whining. At night she sleeps in there just fine.

    My thing is I feel as though she enjoys being with us and we enjoy being with her. But, does she really need to go back in her crate over and over all day long. I want to let her nap some in her crate and some in whatever space we are in. My husband is more concerned about her potty training. He has never had an inside dog and is very concerned about her using the bathroom all over our house which she has not done since we are taking her out regularly. I understand his concerns completely. He is worried that she is not actually being potty trained and just going because we keep taking her.

    I would appreciate any advice about this. Thanks.
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