Walking on lead with my other dog
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Thread: Walking on lead with my other dog

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    Walking on lead with my other dog


    I have a 14 week old poodle pup who when walking with just me walks beautifully, but when we are out with my other dog she just wants to get to him and is not focused on me AT ALL. I think that she thinks he is there to entertain her CONSTANTLY. Yesterday she really tried my patience so today I thought I would try tying her lead to me so that she can get used to being around me, rather than focusing on him too much, before I let her off again.

    Do you think she is more attached to him at this stage? Am I doing the right thing, I will reward her while she is in my space on the lead. A walker in the park this morning said I should just let her off and he will teach her better, but I am not so sure about this, I think this will just encourage her to ignore me more.

    I could just walk them both separately but feel this defeats the object as I would like to be able to walk them together. She is a great dog, she will sit and wait for food, come when called, toilet trained and crate trained, so she is very receptive and trainable.

    I have probably allowed my other dog (he is a cocker x, 3 yrs old) to have too much freedom outside, so he goes off sniffing and running about and I probably haven't kept his attention on me enough, so she is perhaps just following his lead. Maybe I need to more work with him outside too, on the leash?

    Any ideas?


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    Just because she is too little

    As you have told that she is just 14 weeks old then it is not her mistake that she likes to mix up with the other dog and it also didn't mean that she is ignoring you. All things okay with the passage of time when she will be grow older but if still you are in a doubt then you must consult to a good trainer.

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    Yes, I agree with you mishhljane2o. Your advice is really great for me, I truly apprciated it!

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