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Thread: Helppp!!

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    Exclamation Helppp!!

    PLEASE help me, i have a 4month old pitbull terrier mix, she is such an angel sometimes, but she has her moments when she just does not listen, she does not stop chewing on my shoes or my boyfriends video games, and she still pees inside, she knows where to potty but she still pees on my kitchen floor ! she continues to bite me during playtime? i do not know what to do anymore please give me some tips anyone !

    thanks !

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    Teach puppy to pee and poop outside

    Puppy peeing inside the house is a common problem. They feel the urge to mark their territory. Once you've convinced the puppy that YOU are the boss, they follow instructions. Patience and knowledge are the key advice. Look on amazon for helpful books about training puppy to pee and poop ourside. Shortcut Code b005c1gdi0. I hope that helps. Patience and knowledge. Knowledge and Patience .

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    The best way to stop your puppy chewing your stuff is to make sure she can't get hold of anything that is yours.

    She is only doing what comes naturally by ripping stuff up. If she had been born in the wild she would have had to learn to gnaw on bones in order to survive.

    When she does get something she is not supposed to have simply take the item from her and replace it with something she is allowed to chew like a rawhide chew. You can say 'No' in a growly voice whilst you are taking the article off her if you feel it is necessary.

    As your puppy is still peeing in the house, put down puppy pads in the places she goes. Even though you say she knows where to go, sometimes puppies have to go NOW, not when they can get to the designated place. So a puppy pad makes it easier for you. Do not reward or praise her for peeing on the puppy pad - only when she does it in the right place. You may have to go back to the beginning and take her outside and stand with her until she pees then reward her for doing it in the right place.

    As far as her biting you when you are playing, that is not allowed. If she nips you as she would have done with her littermates, you should 'yelp' like her siblings would have done. This should make her stop. Sometimes puppies get too excited and they continue to nip. If this is the case, stop the game immediately and turn away from your puppy. Do not speak to her or look at her until she has calmed down. When she is calm, ask her to do something you know she can do like 'sit'. Then praise her for sitting.

    If you stop the games as soon as your puppy bites you she will soon realise that you won't play with her if she is biting.

    As someone said previously, patience is the key. Patience, kindness AND consistency.
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