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"A Bit Of Tender, Love & Care For Dogs"

Your free ebook is jam packed with 92 pages of dog care and training information - there's something in it for all dog lovers. Topics include bringing a new puppy home, dog health care, nutrition advice, handling and training plus much much more.

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What's In The Book?

"A Bit Of Tender, Love & Care For Dogs"

Table of Contents

Just a Bit of Tender, Love and Care for Dogs

Dog Biology
Wild Dog Behavior - What Is Going On?
Wolf Pack Ways – Alpha Pup, the Future Alpha Leader
Translating Dog Talk to English
Animal Noses - What Do They Do?
Canine Communication - the Early Years

A New Dog in the Family
Is Your Child Ready for a Dog?
Children and Dogs – Preparing A Toddler for His Canine Friend
Introducing Two Dogs - Have a Safe Introduction
Dogs and Cats - Training Eternal Enemies to Co-Exist
Why Socialize Your Puppy? A Guide to Why and How
Love and Dogs

Dog Food
Interpreting Dog Food Labels
Change Dog Food – The Why's and the How’s Explained
Thinking of Home Cooking for Your Dog?
Dog Food Allergy Affect Happiness of Dog and Owner
Dog Food Aggression or Canine Possession Aggression
Evolution and Trends in Dog Food
What are the Best Toys and Treats for Your Dog?

Dog Health
Symptoms of Pain and Illness in Dogs
Pet First Aid Kit
New Pet Dog Vaccination Guidelines in the USA
Neutering Your Dog: Why, When and How
Keeping Your Older Dog Safe

Handling and Training a Dog
Dog Collars – What You Need To Know
Secrets of Dog Training Professionals - Operant Conditioning
Control of Dog Dominance Behavior: Focus
Greatest Dog Tips Ever
How to Train Your Dog and Influence Behavior
How to Control Dog Whining
Tips for Overcoming Boredom and Routine Stress
No-Fail Solutions for Solving the Top 5 Dog Behavior Problems

How to Create Stunning Portraits of Your Dog!
Pet Vacations

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