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Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Specific dog breeds have become status symbols in a society which puts importance on the price or value of a thing. Being a popular dog breed will not really determine a dog’s monetary value. There are many factors which can help establish the rightful place of a dog breed in the list of the world’s most expensive dogs. A dog can become expensive when it is a purebred or it belongs to a rare dog breed. A dog’s price can also skyrocket when it is an offspring of a prize-winning dog. However, a dog’s value and consequently its price can increase by leaps and bounds when it is owned and seen in the possession of celebrity. This is known as the C-factor. When a certain dog breed has a C-factor, many aspiring dog owners will be in a mad dash to own one for it will be an obvious status symbol.

Here is a list of the most expensive dogs in the world today—

(Image by AMagill under a CC attribution licence)

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