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10. Akita

(Image by aldenchadwick under a CC attribution licence)

The Akita (Akita Inu) comes from the Island of Honshu in the Akita Region of Japan. It is known as the national dog of Japan. In fact, it is one of the seven dog breeds which have been chosen as a Natural Monument. Japanese also consider the Akita as sacred. In fact small statues of the Akita are given to new parents to convey wishes of good health. Owning an Akita is also believed to bring good luck.

Akitas are docile and very affectionate. They are highly intelligent and courageous. However they need an “Alpha Dog” who can train and firmly control them and prevent them from becoming stubborn and aggressive. Akitas can grow to a height of 71 cm and can weigh up to 54 kilograms. In Japan, the Akita has been used as a hunting dog. They are known to brave adverse weather conditions during hunting expeditions. The dog breed has also been used in police and military work, sled dog, and fighting dog.

In 1938, Helen Keller brought the first Akita to the United States. The dog was named Kamikaze-go and was presented to her as a gift from the Japanese government when she visited Akita Prefecture.

An Akita usually costs around $1,500 to $4,500.

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