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Choosing The Perfect Puppy Names - Find A Special Name For Your Special Puppy

So you're looking for a cool puppy name for your cheeky new housemate. No doubt you are searching for some inspiration and ideas so you can come up with a puppy name that is unique and befitting of your new little friend. You want a name that perfectly suits your individual dog and does him/her absolute justice.

There are so many things to consider and take care of when preparing for the arrival of a new puppy. First you have to choose the most suitable breed of dog, then find a reputable breeder and most importantly pick out the little puppy who will become your lifelong companion. It doesn't stop there... Once home you will need to provide all the basic puppy supplies, socializing your puppy to the world becomes an urgent priority and then of course you will need to get stuck into some early puppy training.


Puppy Names
This puppy deserves a cool name - how about "Fuzz"?

"The puppy name you decide on says as
much about you as it does about your dog"

One of your most important (and fun!) decisions when you get a new puppy is to come up with a funky name - but where do you begin to search for that perfect puppy name?

A popular way to find a name for your puppy, that is both appropriate and memorable, is to look through the extensive online databases listed below. These are sure to give you some great puppy name ideas and maybe even some inspiration to make up your own.

Puppy Names - Check Out These Huge Databases Of Dog Names

Female Dog Names

Click on the link above for a huge range of puppy naming ideas. You'll find heaps of cool female dog names, cute dog names, all the popular dog names, girl dog names and lots more! You can't help but be inspired by these great resources!

Male Dog Names

Click on the link above for heaps of ideas for male puppy names. You'll find a huge resource of popular boy dog names, favorite puppy names and unique boy dog names. Best of luck finding a brilliant name for your male puppy.

Favorite Puppy Names

Regardless of which puppy name you come up with, your pup will need plenty of guidance, socialization and puppy training in order to become a trusted and well behaved member of the family.

To help guide you through the various puppy training stages I recommend you follow this comprehensive puppy training resource - Online Dog Training Club. This fantastic dog loving community will take you step by step through the puppy house training process, preventing problem behaviors and right through to advanced obedience training commands.

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Please consult the services of a Professional Dog Trainer, Behaviorist or Veterinarian before implementing any of the advice contained on this site.