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Online Dog Supplies Store

Dogs are fantastic companions - and they don't ask for much in return.

dog supplies store However, they do require a few dog supplies and accessories in order to keep them safe, comfortable and healthy. Plus I must admit to "spoiling" my dogs occasionally with some "luxury" dog supplies.

To make your dog supplies easy to locate in my online store I have split them into three separate product categories:

1. The Essentials: Products that every well loved puppy or older dog requires such as a good dog kennel, crates, comfortable dog bedding, suitable collars and dog grooming supplies.

2. Consumables: These are the dog accessories we need to replace when they've been used. Items like nutritious dog food, flea and tick control, new puppy supplies, dog supplements and tasty dog treats (my dogs love Greenies!)

3. Luxury Dog Supplies: Products in this category include dog carriers, strollers, dog clothing and even dog gifts.


Dog Supplies - Online Store

All of the following dog supplies are from - the biggest and best online dog specialty store. I have carefully hand-picked the following range of dog supplies, plus they are backed up with positive customer ratings and feedback.

Dog Supplies - The Essentials

Dog Beds Dog Houses / Kennels Dog Crates
Grooming Supplies Dog Bowls Dog Collars
Dog Leashes Training Supplies Dog Toys

Dog Supplies - Consumables

Dog Food Treats / Biscuits Supplements
Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo Health Care
Puppy Supplies Eye Care Frontline

Dog Supplies - Luxury Products

Dog Carriers Dog Gifts Dog Strollers
Clothing / Apparel Designer Collars Dog Feeders
Steps / Ramps Doors / Gates

I hope you find to be just as easy and professional to deal with as I have when ordering your online dog supplies. I've tried some of the other online stores but keep coming back to - here's some of the reasons why:

  • specialize in everything dogs, at the heart of it they are a community of dog lovers.

  • You'll find to be safe and secure when purchasing your dog supplies online.

  • They stock a huge range of all the leading dog supply brands plus due to their enormous buying power they can pass on discount prices to us!

  • are already big and highly respected in the industry but they are also growing at a greater rate than any other online dog supplies store.

  • The dedicated customer support team at can be reached through email or on the phone 6 days a week to respond to any of your queries.

  • They offer a very cool "best price guarantee" which ensures that you will not pay any more for your dog products than you should.

  • The shipping of your dog supplies is cheap, reliable and fast - UPS is the preferred carrier for

  • The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. One excellent feature is the customer ratings and feedback which is provided for every dog product - you can learn heaps from these previous customers (and save yourself some cash in the process!).

  • They offer a 30 day returns policy on most of your dog supplies. I haven't needed to use this yet but it is comforting to know that I can if need be.

  • Another excellent tool is the online tracking feature. This allows you to track your order from the time you place your order right through to when it arrives at your door.

Whether you're searching for your puppy's very first leash and collar or an orthopedic dog bed for your older dog, I'm sure you will find it at online dog supplies store - and for a great low price.

Some of my (and my dogs!) favorite dog products we have purchased online through are - Greenies Treats, Bully Sticks, Plastic Crates, Frontline Flea Control products, Grooming Supplies and a Heated Dog Bed.

I have found to offer everyday low discount prices on all products and have always been more than happy with the quality of the dog pet supplies I have received.

Order your Online Dog Supplies Catalog here.

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