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Male Dog Names - Lets Find Your Puppy A Cool Name!

So you've decided to bring a little boy puppy into your life. Lets come up with with a male dog name that is funky, cool, distinctive, unique and absolutely appropriate for your individual boy puppy - a name that you can be proud of.

Bringing a new little puppy home is an exciting time for any household. Attaching a cool puppy name to him is a huge part of the fun and something you need to get right. I've listed some general tips below for you to keep in mind when coming up with your male dog names. If you prefer to skip these helpful tips and head straight for thousands of examples of boy dog names click here - male dog names - thousands of them! Hopefully these enormous lists of dog names will give you some great ideas for your own puppy and may even inspire you to come up with a name of your own.

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What Should We Call This Cute Little Fellow?

Male Dog Names - Time To Focus On Finding A Perfect Name

  • Many male puppies are named after popular movie stars, sports stars, cartoon characters, singers and media personalities. There are plenty of boy puppies around called Kurt, Hugh, Jack and even Orlando!

  • A great place to source a brilliant male dog name is to do some research into the history and origin of your dog's breed.

  • I find that it's very helpful to have your little boy puppy in front of you when coming up with ideas for his name. You will be able to match his personality, temperament, any quirky habits or his appearance to a unique and suitable name.

  • Search through the thousands of examples of male dog names listed further down this page. You are sure to find at least a couple that will take your fancy.

  • If your puppy is purebred and you received papers when you bought him you can look back through the family tree of your dog. This may help you to come up with a very suitable name that will carry on the family tradition. This is the most common method used when naming race horses.

  • In many cases you can think long and hard about finding a perfect boy dog name. But what tends to happen is that as soon as you lay eyes on your little pup a highly suitable name will simply jump into your mind - there's no need to rush into a decision before you have even seen your little boy.

  • When possible, involve your whole family in the puppy naming process. Sit down together and have a brainstorming session - throw up any male dog names you can think of. Be creative, unique and unusual - you'll come up with some awesome possibilities during these sessions.

  • Ensure that the male dog name you decide on will continue to suit your puppy when he grows up. Cute puppy names can sound ridiculous as your dog grows into a big strong adult.

  • Once you have decided on a name for your puppy (or have a short list) do a google search to determine the meaning of the name - be careful.

  • Shorter dog names are better - one or two syllables are usually best. This makes the name easier for your dog to understand and quicker for you to call out in an emergency.

  • Remember that you will be using your male dog name in public - so keep it nice and clean!

  • Never select a boy dog name that sounds similar to an obedience training command that you may use in the future. This means that any names sounding similar to sit, stay, down, leave it, heel etc.. should be avoided.

  • Do not select a puppy name that sounds similar to a family member or friend's name - this causes unnecessary confusion for you dog. Make you male dog name distinctive and different.

  • Once you've decided on the perfect name, stick with it. Keep it simple to your dog and try not to confuse the issue by using different nicknames or through family members using a variety of names.

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Regardless of the name you come up with for your young pup it's important to ensure that he is properly raised, socialized and trained. This comprehensive dog ownership package will guide you step by step through the various stages of puppyhood and beyond - Secrets To Dog Training home study course.

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This Little Fellow Deserves A Cool Dog Name

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