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7. Tibetan Mastiff

(Image by Kjunstorm under a CC attribution licence)

The massive build of a Tibetan Mastiff hides a loyal, calm, and good natured house pet. It can grow to a height of 25-28 inches and can weigh around 170 pounds although there have been some reports about Tibetan Mastiffs in Europe reaching 220 pounds.

The Tibetan Mastiff can be a good apartment dweller provided that it is taken on daily long walks. Although it has a long coat, the breed is good for allergy sufferers.

The Tibetan Mastiff, called “Do-Khyi”, is an ancient breed of dogs which have been in existence around 1100 BC. For centuries they were isolated in the remote Himalayan Mountain Region in Tibet where they used as guard dogs. It was only in the 1800’s when the breed was introduced into Europe when Queen Victoria of England was given a Tibetan Mastiff.

In 1970’s, Tibetan Mastiffs were imported into the United States. Although the breed has become rare in Tibet, it has gained popularity in England and the United States.

Today a Tibetan Mastiff can cost around $2,200 – $7,000.

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