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3. Samoyed

(Image by Fil.Al under a CC attribution licence)

Samoyeds are easy-going and playful dogs. They befriend anyone even strangers. They are highly intelligent but they make poor watch dogs. They are an ancient working breed which originated in Siberia. They were raised as working dogs by hunters and fishermen known as Samoyeds, hence their name. They were brought to England in 1889 by Robert Scott, an explorer. The breed received official AKC recognition in 1906.

Samoyeds possess a thick hair coat that needs extensive grooming. They are heavy shedders and their thick double hair coat requires frequent brushing. During warm weather, body heat can easily build up particularly during exercise. They cannot do well in very hot climates because of their thick undercoat.

Today a Samoyed can cost around $4,000 – $11,000.

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