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How To Select, Raise & Train Your Chihuahua Puppy

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Anyone who has ever lived with a chihuahua will tell you that they are special dogs.

They are little dogs with big attitude!

Chihuahua's are much loved for their lively personality, spirited character and absolute devotion to their human companions.

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All About Chihuahuas

Chihuahua puppies grow to be beautiful loving companions who give and demand lots of attention, and are fiercely loyal to their housemates.

The Chihuahua is native to Mexico and is classified as a toy dog breed (not that they know it!). They are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and are the smallest recognized breed.

Chihuahua's are available in two varieties recognized by the AKC - the short coat and the long coat (check out the chihuahua pictures above). Chihuahua breeders will often refer to them as teacup chihuahua's, mini's and chi's.

Chihuahua puppies come in many colors, have nice big dark expressive eyes and large erect ears. When assessing a chihuahua it's important that they are well proportioned all over. They grow to be a cheeky, muscular 1.5 - 3kg and stand 6 - 9 inches tall. With any luck you will have your Chihuahua for a wonderful 15 year period.

Chihuahua Temperament

You'll find that your chihuahua will enjoy nothing more than spending time with you. Whether it be inside cuddling up on the couch or in the car on a road trip. As long as they are with their loved one's they are happy. Chi's become very attached to one or more members of their human family.

Generally they are said to have terrier like qualities in regard to temperament. They are full of personality, spunk and also possess a large dose of courage.

The temperament and character of your Chihuahua is largely determined by the early puppy socialization and obedience training you provide.

Try to start your Chihuahua puppy socialization as early as possible by exposing him/her to lots of different people, dogs and other animals - your Chihuahua breeder has the important job of beginning this process for you.

  • Chi's can be a bit stand-offish or cautious with strangers, especially when not properly socialized.

  • Many chihuahua's are dog aggressive (they are very bold and don't appear to fully comprehend how small they actually are!).

  • Some chihuahua's are known to be snappy with small children - it's best to be very careful.

  • Chi's are intelligent, alert and inquisitive which makes them great little watchdogs.

Chihuahua Health Problems

Chihuahua's are usually pretty hardy little dogs but can be prone to a few hereditary defects and problems. Check with your Chihuahua breeder or Veterinarian before you purchase your Chihuahua puppy - these are a few issues to at least be aware of:

  • Chihuahua eye problems are a bit of a concern. They can encounter eye infections, corneal dryness and secondary glaucoma. Their large eyes attract plenty of grit and dust which needs to be managed carefully.

  • Be sure not to overfeed your chihuahua as an overweight chihuahua is prone to many associated health problems.

  • Chihuahua's are susceptible to bone fractures - especially when they are puppies and haven't yet learned to get out of the way fast enough!

  • Chihuahua's are not all that keen on cold weather - some suitable chihuahua clothes may be necessary if you live in a cold climate.

  • Some Chi's can suffer leg problems such as patella luxation or slipped stifles.

  • Epilepsy is another genetic disorder which can appear in your Chihuahua.

  • Chihuahua puppies are born with a soft spot on their head (called a molera) which is an unclosed section of the scull. Always be very careful of this delicate area.

  • Tooth and gum complaints can occur - similar to most dog breeds.

paris hilton chihuahua tinkerbell
A Famous Chihuahua - "Tinkerbell"

How To Train A Chihuahua

Chihuahua's can be headstrong little characters who may try to take over the role as leader of the household. Therefore some obedience training is crucial for the development and strengthening of your human - Chihuahua bond. Time spent training your Chihuahua is certainly time well spent.

The Chihuahua's intelligent and lively nature ensures that they love the physical and mental stimulation which obedience training provides. They respond very well to positive dog training methods which are full of encouragement, praise and rewards. All of the basic obedience training commands are well within the capabilities of a Chihuahua.

Chihuahua house training (potty training) is often the first lesson to get right. Then tasks such as chihuahua crate training and basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come, heel etc. Right through to advanced obedience training and tricks your Chihuahua will be a willing and capable student.

You can learn all about how to raise and train your Chihuahua the right way here - How To Train Your Chihuahua - Secrets To Dog Training

Cute Chihuahua Doing Some Training

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