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Pomeranian Puppy Training & Breed Information

I'm not so sure that Pomeranians should be included in the toy group of dog breeds.

A Pomeranian puppy is a little pocket dynamo!

Pomeranians are a fantastic blend of cheeky high energy playfulness and loving affectionate companion dog. One minute your Pomie will be charging through the house playing the fool and the next he/she will be happily snuggled up on your lap in front of the TV.

Pomeranian puppies are a great all-round dog breed, they are just as happy living in an inner city apartment as they are out in the country. As long as you include your Pomeranian puppy in all family activities, you'll have a happy and cheerful housemate. Apart from being stunning to look at, Pomeranians are also highly intelligent and make excellent little watchdogs - it's no wonder that the popularity of Pomeranian puppies continues to grow right around the world.

It is essential for the health and wellbeing of your Pomeranian puppy that you provide early puppy socialization and at the very least some basic Pomeranian obedience training - more information listed below Training A Pomeranian Puppy.

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Pomeranian Puppy Origin & History

The Pomeranian as we know and love them today descended from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland - back then the Pomeranian was a much bigger specimen. Pomeranians were also employed for their great sheep herding abilities.

By the middle of the 19th century Pomeranians had made their way into Europe and more specifically Britain. This is when they were bred down into a smaller package which was more suited to living indoors as a companion dog.

Pomeranian Puppy Size & Appearance

A Pomeranian puppy is a beautiful little package.

Pomeranians are compact, well balanced and sturdy little dogs. They have a handsome "fox like" head with small ears that stand erect and ever alert. Pomies have those attractive dark almond shaped eyes and carry a seemingly happy expression. Their most distinctive feature is the tail which is set high but lays flat against the line of the back.

The other striking feature of a Pomeranian puppy which is immediately apparent is their luxurious plush coat. This is a beautiful double coat with a dense and fluffy undercoat and a long and coarse outer-coat. The coat comes in many color variations but most common are various shades of orange or red. It's a good idea to give your Pomie a brush every couple of days to prevent matting and the build up of dry skin. Male Pomeranians shed once a year and females when in season.

A healthy, fully grown Pomeranian puppy stands at a muscular 7 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder and tips the scales at between 3 to 7 pounds (so called "teacup pomeranians" are often smaller than this).

Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian Puppy Temperament & Characteristics

A few words that accurately describe the temperament of a typical Pomeranian puppy are: loyal, affectionate, feisty, cocky, bold, inquisitive, extroverted, willful and loving.

The temperament and behavior habits of your Pomeranian puppy are largely determined by where you purchase your puppy from, the early socialization you provide and the obedience training you do together (nutrition also plays a role). I can't stress enough the importance of purchasing your puppy from a well respected and reputable Pomeranian puppy breeder. If you do not purchase your puppy from a good Pomeranian breeder you run the risk of bringing a dog with all kinds of mental and physical problems into your life. A good Pomeranian puppy breeder has the best interests of the breed at heart and will only breed from high quality (and screened for disease) stock.

Some general points regarding the temperament of a Pomeranian:

  • Pomeranians have been known to be a bit snappy towards other dogs (including big ones!). For this reason it is crucial that you socialize your puppy to all types of dogs. Puppy kindergarten class is a good place for dog to dog socialization purposes. You can also learn more about puppy socialization in the Pomeranian training package listed below.

  • Pomeranians are lively, active and full of spunk. They love playing games and thrive on human companionship. They form a very close and loving bond with their human housemates and don't do well when left alone and isolated for long periods.

  • Pomies make great little watchdogs - they are territorial and ever alert to any disturbances. Pomeranian puppies have a very loud bark which sounds the alarm.

Pomeranian Puppy Health Care

Pomeranians are generally a healthy and sound dog breed. They typically live an active 12 - 15 years. Once again, purchasing from a reputable Pomeranian breeder is essential if you want a sound and healthy Pom.

Your Pomeranian puppy breeder or Veterinarian are the best people to consult for specific health care advice. Below is a list of the common health issues encountered by Pomeranians:

  • It's important to keep the teeth and gums of your Pomeranian clean and healthy. A good solid brushing once a week will ensure your dog's teeth and gums look and feel in top shape.

  • Be sure to feed your Pomeranian dog the right type of dog food and in the right quantity. Also ensure that your puppy gets enough exercise (Pomeranians don't require much) and does not become overweight - an overweight Pomie is an unhealthy Pomie.

  • Pomeranians don't do well in hot weather conditions. They were developed in cooler climates and therefore have that beautiful dense coat. Be especially careful if your dog is ever left in a parked car - overheating can occur very quickly.

  • Other health problems that can affect Pomeranians are - luxating patella, legg calve perthes, heart problems, cataracts as they get older, hypothyroidism and collapsing trachea.

Pomeranians Are Generally A
Happy, Outgoing & Healthy Dog Breed

Pomeranian Puppy Training
Rex "stay".....

Pomeranian Puppy Training

The high intelligence, energy, athleticism and enthusiasm of Pomeranians has seen them excel at all levels of obedience training and dog sports. They are quick learners and ever willing participants.

Pomeranian puppies can also be stubborn and willful - they can be a real handful. For this reason it is essential that you establish a few boundaries and provide some clear and consistent guidelines for your Pomie to follow. The best way to achieve this is through Pomeranian obedience training. Training will help to establish good behavior habits early on and make it clear to your Pomeranian puppy that you are the boss in this relationship (not in a forceful or violent way).

Training your Pomeranian puppy is vital in order to shape your puppy into a well respected and trusted member of your neighbourhood. These are a few training issues especially relevant to Pomies:

  • Pomeranian House Training - as is the case with most toy breeds, Pomeranian puppies can be difficult to house train. Don't expect too much from your Pomeranian puppy, they have small bladders and cannot hold on for extended periods. If you pick out a good Pomeranian potty training schedule and stick to it with consistency, persistence and a touch of patience, I'm sure you will achieve the desired result. I would suggest crate training your Pomeranian to help the housebreaking process along. You can find a proven Pomeranian house training schedule to follow in the training resource listed below.

  • Crate training your Pomeranian puppy is also a good way to teach your puppy what is acceptable to chew and what is not (chew toy training).

  • Another training issue that continually comes up with Pomies is - Pomeranian leash training. It's important to teach your Pomie to behave properly on leash when out walking.

  • The "come command" or recall obedience training command is probably the most important behavior you will ever teach your dog. Pomies are notoriously untrustworthy off the leash. This command may save your Pomeranians life at some stage.

  • Excessive barking is a common behavioral problem in Pomies. They can be a bit "yappy" but with some proper training this problem can be managed effectively.

Keep your dog training sessions short, intense and most of all fun! This is where you will build and strengthen the strong bond you and your Pomeranian puppy will enjoy. If you're looking to raise and train your Pomerainian puppy at home I suggest you follow comprehensive dog ownership package The Pomeranian Manual.

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A cute little Pomeranian Puppy

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