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2. Dachshund- Top 10 Dog Breeds that Don't Shed

(Image by Howard O. Young under a CC attribution license)

Dachshunds were originally called “Teckel” in Germany. This fearless hunter can easily be recognized anywhere. With their big drooping ears, long “sausage” bodies, short legs and warm intelligent eyes, they are definitely endearing to anyone. They come in three different coat types—short or smooth haired, long haired, and wirehaired. They can make good watchdogs because they are naturally suspicious of strangers. Although they love to be around people, they can become quite irritable. They don’t dwell well with children particularly small kids. In fact they can hardly tolerate small children and easily snap at them. Long-haired Dachshunds may shed thus they need daily grooming however the other varieties don’t shed as much.

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