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Yorkshire Terrier Information & Training

Yorkshire Terriers are fantastic little companion dogs. The numerous desirable qualities and adaptability of the Yorkie have seen it become one of the most popular of all dog breeds worldwide - and for good reason.

Yorkshire Terriers are a magnificent blend of high energy, cheeky terrier personality and affectionate, loving toy dog. Yorkie owners will tell you that they often switch between the two extremes in the blink of an eye!

When given proper puppy socialization and Yorkie training they are a wonderful addition to any dog loving household.

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Yorkshire Terrier Information And Breed History

This spunky little breed was developed in Yorkshire, England. Their original purpose was to thin out the rats which occupied the coal mines of England - they were highly valued and very skillful in this role.

Information on how the Yorkie was developed is a bit sketchy but it is most likely that many breeds were crossed in the process. Breeds such as the Skye Terrier, Waterside Terrier, Maltese, Paisley Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, Welsh Terrier and The Old English Black and Tan are thought to have been used. The name "Yorkshire Terrier" was attached to the breed in 1870 - and has continued to grow in popularity ever since.

Yorkshire Terrier Appearance

Yorkies are a small package but never weak. They are well balanced, athletic, muscular and swift on their feet. It's a common sight to see Yorkies strutting about the house full of confidence, with their heads held high. They have brilliant dark "intelligent" eyes which are full of expression.

For many people the most outstanding feature of the Yorkie is their beautiful soft silky coat. Yorkshire Terrier puppies start out with a black and tan coat which soon develops into a brilliant flowing steely blue. Another bonus is that this coat sheds very little, but does require regular grooming and brushing to keep it in prime condition. If you or any of your family members suffer from any dog related allergies then a Yorkie could be a good choice for you.

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Yorkshire Terrier Temperament

All Yorkies are individuals. This means that the Yorkshire Terrier puppy socialization and training you provide are the crucial ingredients in determining the temperament and behavior habits of your dog. Without proper socialization Yorkies can be a little standoffish, suspicious and even snappy towards other dogs and people (the breeder of your Yorkshire Terrier has the important task of beginning this socialization process).

For the most part Yorkies are bubbly, outgoing and gregarious - they have a typical terrier like temperament and personality. They forge a strong bond with their human family.

Yorkies are ever alert and can be a bit territorial. For this reason they make excellent little watchdogs who will sound the alarm at the slightest disturbance. They possess a surprisingly loud bark for such a small package!

Unfortunately there are many Yorkshire Terrier rescue facilities kept busy because people encounter problems (which are preventable) with their Yorkies. The two biggest issues seem to be trouble controlling excessive barking and also difficulties with Yorkie potty training. With some guidance and training these issues can be managed effectively.

Yorkies do become very closely attached to their human family members. It is great for us to share such a strong bond, but can develop into a problem if separation anxiety occurs when we're away from home. I have written an article discussing some techniques you can use to minimize this problem - Separation Anxiety.

Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

Yorkshire Terriers are generally healthy, hardy little characters but as with all dog breeds they are not immune to a few problems.

It's important to note that buying your Yorkie from a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder can save you much heartache in the future. Doing so will give you the best chance of bringing a physically and mentally sound puppy into your household - and hopefully a lifelong friend.

Your puppy's breeder or Veterinarian can help you with more specific health advice but below are a few potential problems that you should at least be aware of:

  • One of the major threats to the wellbeing of your Yorkie is household accidents. Yorkies spend a lot of time right under your feet and because of their size can be susceptible to broken bones or worse if an accident occurs. For this reason Yorkies are probably better suited to families with older children who know how to act appropriately around small dogs. The fragile frame of Yorkies can also be a problem at off leash dog parks if there is larger boisterous breeds around.

  • Hypoglycemia is a condition that affects Yorkshire Terrier puppies. It occurs when the puppies (or older dogs) blood sugar levels become low. This causes the dog to become listless or lethargic and can even result in death. This condition can be brought on by stress - things like over handling, change in environment or cold breezy sleeping conditions.

  • Tooth Decay can also be a problem in Yorkies. Your dogs diet can contribute to this problem. Be sure to feed plenty of bones and even brushing the teeth will help.

  • Cataracts can become a problem as your Yorkie gets older - this is common in most breeds. Your Veterinarian will be able to offer some suitable treatment.

  • Tracheal Collapse is a condition that Yorkies are susceptible to. This can be present at birth or can be brought on through the dog straining on his/her leash.

Yorkshire Terrier Breeders

Yorkshire Terrier Information & Training

Yorkies are willing and capable students. They respond best to plenty of encouragement, repetition and positive reinforcement. They seem to love the mental stimulation and challenge which obedience training provides - plus it's time spent with you.

You'll find that your Yorkie has no trouble learning proper household etiquette and all the basic obedience training commands. Tasks such as sit, down, stay, come and fetch are all enthusiastically taken to by Yorkies.

Now lets clear one thing up. You've no doubt read and heard plenty of statements like "Yorkshire Terrier Potty Training is impossible!" or "House Training a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy can't be done!" - this is untrue. Granted, Yorkies can be difficult to potty train but far from impossible. If you follow a proven house training schedule (there's one in the training system below), and stick with it, you will achieve the desired result.

If you plan to train your Yorkie at home I'd recommend you follow this comprehensive Yorkshire Terrier training system. It covers everything you need to properly care for and train your Yorkie, including - puppy selection, socialization, house training, crate training, preventing problem behaviors and all the obedience commands. Plus it outlines the right foods to feed your Yorkie for optimum health and longevity - it's basically a huge community of dog lovers!

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Be aware that when you see breeders advertising "Teacup Yorkie Puppy For Sale" or "Miniature Yorkshire Terriers" these are all the same breed. These breeders have just concentrated on producing a smaller version of this great breed.

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