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Dogs That Don't Shed - Non Shedding Dogs

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Well first off the bad news, unfortunately there is no such thing as dogs that don't shed or non shedding dogs - all dogs shed at least a small amount of hair.

Even the so called "non shedding dog breeds" do shed a little hair - much like us humans really. The good news is that there are plenty of great dog breeds (big & small) who shed very little hair.


Dogs That Don't Shed
The Low Shedding Yorkshire Terrier

Non Shedding Dogs - Or Should I Say Dogs That Don't Shed Much

If you are planning to bring a new puppy or older dog into your life it pays to do a bit of research first. Some of the elements to consider when choosing a breed of dog are - size, exercise requirements, trainability, breed specific health concerns and their suitability to households with children and other animals. Then of course there is the question about whether you are prepared to live with a dog that sheds a lot of hair?

A few years back I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful Dalmation called Harrison. He was a wonderful dog, a magnificent friend and companion for me and my family. But boy did he shed! Even now, many years after dear old Harry has passed away I find a few of his little black and white hairs lodged in various places. The point is, even though I didn't want a dog which shed lots of hair, I would never give back the time I spent with Harry.

My current dog is a cheeky little Shih Tzu called Macy. Now Shih Tzus are said to be a "non shedding dog" but I still occasionally come across some of her long white hairs around the house. It's no big deal.

Shih Tzus Don't Shed Much Either Non Shedding Dog

Dogs That Don't Shed - Some General Points

  • Generally speaking, dogs that don't shed are the best option for allergy sufferers. Non shedding breeds are considered to be hypoallergenic which means they don't produce as many allergens through flaky dead skin and dander, which is what triggers the allergies.

  • Another general rule to follow when looking for a dog that doesn't shed is to go for a single coated breed (you'll find plenty in the list below). This is a more important factor than the length of the coat - short haired, long haired and wire haired.

  • If you do have your heart set on a dog that does shed there are some things you can do to manage the shedding. Regular brushing is the key - the hair will end up in your brush rather than in the carpet and on the furniture.

List Of Popular Dogs That Don't Shed

Below you will find a great selection of non shedding dog breeeds. For further information regarding each breed (size, temperament, trainability etc..) please click through to the American Kennel Club website.

Small Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier
Maltese West Highland White Terrier
Dachshund (moderate shedders) Bichon Frise
Miniature Poodle Italian Greyhound
Border Terrier Cairn Terrier
Havanese Miniature Schnauzer
Norfolk Terrier Silky Terrier
Welsh Terrier Boston Terrier
Scottish Terrier Chinese Crested
Australian Terrier

Medium To Large Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Airedale Terrier Standard Poodle
Wirehaired Fox Terrier Greyhound
Bedlington Terrier Irish Water Spaniel
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Basenji
Kerry Blue Terrier

Small Non Shedding Dog

Regardless of which non shedding dog you decide to bring into your life, you will be required to provide proper care and training.

If you plan to train your puppy or older dog yourself, at home I recommend you study and closely follow this comprehensive responsible dog ownership package. This covers everything you'll need to care for and train your new dog - from puppy house training right through to advanced obedience training commands and everything in between.

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Please consult the services of a Professional Dog Trainer, Behaviorist or Veterinarian before implementing any of the advice contained on this site.